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PPL-250B Blister Machine
PPL-250B Blister Machine
Channel Feeding Model
Channel Feeding Model
Universal Feeding Model
Universal Feeding Model

Blister packages remain the packaging option of choice for many, as it preserves the freshness of each tablet, capsule, etc. Our PPL-250B Alu-PVC Blister Packaging Machine features the following:

·         Small size, compact structure, high production capacity and efficiency
·         Blister formed by positive pressure blow molding and sealed by roller
·         Supports the use of a general feeder, general lengthened feeder, capsule reversing feeder, and disc feeder
·         No cross-edge scraps to save materials
·         Push-stepping mechanism allows for smooth blisters and easy adjustment
·         Can put in batch number and perforations
·         PLC control and frequency control for a wide range of adjustments and low noise
·         Branded electrical components for reliability and steady operations
·         Fully-enclosed structure design, with all material in contact with raw materials made of high quality stainless steel
·         Meets GMP standards

PPL-250B Alu-PVC Blister Packaging Machine
Maximum Forming Area
210 x 250 mm
Maximum Forming Depth
12 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed
Capsules: 300 – 400 blisters/min.
Tablets: 300 – 400 blisters/min.
Maximum Cutting Stepping Distance
105 mm
Maximum Forming Stepping Distance
210 mm
Maximum Outside Diameter
PVC: 400 mm
PTP: 280 mm
Maximum Material Width
250 mm
Material Inner Diameter
70 – 76 mm
Air Consumption
50 litres/min.
Water Consumption
3.2 litres/min.
Total Power
7 kw
Power Supply
380V 50Hz
1,800 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
2,200 x 900 x 1,650 mm

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