Product Inspection Machine PAI-500
Product Inspection Machine PAI-500
Product Inspection Machine PAI-500

Visual inspection of products is a necessary component in the manufacturing cycle. To enhance inspection quality and increase production efficiency, Pharmaland Technologies has designed the PAI-500 Production Inspection Machine as the ultimate tool for QA sorting.

·         Products enter the inspection stage in a single layer
·         Capsules and tablets from the vibratory chute are placed on rotating rollers, which enables a reliable all-sided inspection
·         Adjustable mirror for inspecting opposite parts
·         Provides an ergonomic work station for the inspector
·         No hidden corners or blind areas in the inspection stage
·         Lighting source can be fixed on top and also underneath the roller conveyor belt, illuminating the production from below and allowing inspection of transparent capsules
·         Defective capsules and tablets can be eliminated by the operator with a flexible handheld vacuum nozzle
·         Foot pedal switch to stop the conveyor belt at any time
·         Non-flash fluorescent light, reducing eye fatigue
·         For cleaning purposes, the machine can be completely dismantled without any tools within a few minutes
·         No noisy external vacuum cleaner necessary through the use of compact Venturi suction system

Hard or soft capsules, plain or coated tablets, round and cylindrical objects
Minimum Tablet Thickness
3 mm
Up to 120,000 capsules/hour or approximately 50 kg tablets (depending on product types and sizes)
Feed Hopper
30L, 60L
Electrical Connection
50 Hz 1P (220V); 60 Hz 1P (110V)
Power Input
0.45 KW
Compression Air
0.6 MPa
1,400 x 650 x 1,250 mm
120 kg

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