Tablet Deduster PAD-200B
Tablet Deduster PAD-200B
Tablet Deduster PAD-200B

The PAD-200B Tablet Deduster is suitable for dedusting all shapes of tablets in the cylinder. Polishing can also be accomplished through screen sifting and rotating. It is versatile in any production environment, as its height and angle can be easily adjusted.

·         Adjustable height and angles
·         Adapted to all types of tableting machines
·         Cylinder plus sieve design, improving yield of clean tablets
·         Adopts AC motor, creating high production efficiency, stable running, and low noise
·         Meets cGMP standards

Capacity (tablets/hour)
0 – 600,000 (at 6 mm diameter)
Electrical Connection
50 Hz 1P (220V)
60 Hz 1P (110V)
Overall Dimensions
680 x 300 x 900 mm to 680 x 300 x 1,300 mm
36 Kg
1.8 m3/min – 0.01 MPa

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