Labelling Machine PPL-100L
Labelling Machine PPL-100L

Single Motor Drive for Reliable Labelling

Single Motor Drive for Reliable Labelling

PLC Control System

PLC Control System

The PPL-100L Automatic High-Speed Labelling Machine is an efficient labelling machine featuring:

·         Suited for all kinds of round bottles
·         PLC touch screen control system, easy to operate and adjust parameters
·         PLC control system can store up to 50 different parameter specifications
·         All parts adopt well-known branded components for long-term reliability
·         Feeding motor uses single motor drive and stepless regulation for efficient and reliable labelling
·         The sensitivity of the label photo cell is adjustable for better differentiation of stickers of various optical properties
·         3 lines for printing production information such as the date, batch number, and expiry date, etc.
·         Failure diagnosis function for easy operation and maintenance

PPL-100L Automatic High-Speed Labelling Machine
30 – 150 bottles/min.
Hot Printing Line x Letters
3 lines x 12 letters each
Label Roll Inner Diameter
76 mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter
≤ 370 mm
Container Diameter
25 – 80 mm
Container Height
30 – 150 mm
≤ 70 decibels
Compressed Air Supply
0.5 MPa
Input Power
AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Total Power
0.9 kw
2,370 x 940 x 1,250 mm
Net Weight
100 kg
Maximum Width of Sticker
≤ 100 mm

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