Softgel Encapsulation Machines (PSG Series)

We offer four separate models of Softgel Encapsulation Machines, capable of handling production needs from small-scale R&D and laboratory testing batches, to mass production suited for industrial needs.

All of our Softgel Machines come fully-equipped with the following standard features:

·         Touch-screen and effective PLC control panel for monitoring production statuses
·         Auto-pumping and precise filling system
·         Stainless steel used for material contact parts
·         Uses high quality, branded main components and electrical parts
·         Fully enclosed/sealed piping transportation system for gelatin and supply materials
·         Automatic dryer system (automatic, de-humidified, cooling) minimize the room space required
·         Ultra-sonic cleaning system that greatly simplifies cleaning process and minimizes room space required
·         Vibration sieve as defects rejecter
Please see below for a comparison table of our softgel machine models:


Model PSG-100 PSG-200 PSG-250 PSG-315
Maximum Output (softgels/hour) 19,200 79,200 115,440 134,400
Supported Shapes Cylinder/Oval/Tube
Single Pillar Injection Volume 0 – 1.5 mL 0 – 2 mL
Dosage Filling Tolerance ± 2%
Dimension of Die Roll 80 x 100 mm 103 x 200 mm 150 x 250 mm 157 x 315m mm
Die Roll Speed (RPM) 0 – 5
Main Motor Power 1.8 Kw 12 Kw
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,440mm x 620mm x 1,350mm 2,040mm x 910mm x 1,900mm 2,000mm x 960mm x 1,900mm 2,100mm x 1,130mm x 1,900mm
Weight 400 Kg 1,300 Kg 1,500 Kg
Air Consumption 1,500 m3/h 3,500 m3/h 4,000 m3/h
Machine Picture PSG-100 PSG-200 PSG-250 PSG-315

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