ALU ALU Packer PPL-350A
ALU-ALU Packer PPL-350A
PPL-350A ALU-ALU Packer

A soft ALU-ALU (aluminum on both sides) bag is often used for smaller quantities of product, and offers consumers the convenience of small packages of medicines and drugs. Pharmaland Technologies’ PPL-350A Soft Alu-Alu Packing Machine is highly efficient and has the following features:

·         Capable of packing one or more tablets, capsules, and irregular tablets into a soft alu-alu bag
·         Four sides sealing for freshness
·         Can pack more than one bag at a time for high efficiency
·         PLC touch screen control system
·         Frequency control for reliable performance and easy operation
·         Automatic feeding
·         Batch number printed automatically
·         Can make a horizontal or vertical tear line

PPL-350A Soft Alu-Alu packing Machine
Maximum Output
2,500 tablets/min.
Maximum Cutting Rate
60 times/min.
Maximum Width of Material
350 mm
Maximum Outside Diameter
260 mm
Inner Diameter
70 – 76 mm
Packing Material
Easy tear film
Total Power
3.5 kw
Power Supply
380V 50Hz
1,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1,200 x 1,400 x 2,100 mm

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