Cartoning Machine PPL-220C
PPL-220C Cartoning Machine
PPL-220C Cartoning Machine
PPL-220C Machine Component
PPL-220C Machine Component
PPL-220C Checking Mechanism
Checking Mechanism

Checking Mechanism

Checking Mechanism

Paper-Folding Mechanism

Paper-Folding Mechasim

Vibration Chute
Vibration Chute

The PPL-220C Automatic Cartoning Machine can be used for putting blisters, bottles, soft tubes, small packets, and small objects into cartons. It features:

·         Automatic packing, leaflet folding and feeding, lot number printing, carton sealing capabilities
·         GMP-complaint open design for ease of cleaning and switching of machine parts
·         Accurate filling of cartons with control panel monitoring
·         Guide for carton sizes and corresponding molds for ease of switching parts
·         Extra-long carton conveyor belt for less carton loading
·         Automatic monitoring system with malfunction alarms

PPL-220C Automatic Cartoning Machine
Maximum Output
220 cartons/min.
Carton Size (L x W x H)
(63 – 150) x (30 – 100) x (15 – 90) mm
Leaflet Size (L x W)
(100 – 300) x (80 – 210) mm
Carton Material
250 – 350 g/m3
Air Pressure
0.6 – 0.8 MPa
≤ 75 decibels
Power Supply
380V 3P 50Hz
Total Power
5.7 kw
4,500 x 2,100 x 1,900 mm
Net Weight
2,500 kg

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